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What You Need To Know To Plan Your Senior Portrait Session {Roanoke Rapids High School, KIPP, Halifax Academy, Brunswick Academy} Senior Portrait Photographer

What do you need to know to plan your senior portrait session? If you’re a rising senior at Roanoke Rapids High School, Halifax Academy, Brunswick Academy, KIPP Pride High, or any of the other surrounding schools, here are a few things to consider as you plan out your senior portraits.

How do I pick a photographer for such a special occasion?

Having your senior photo captured is something that only happens once. It’s as big of a decision as choosing what you will wear to prom. While browsing a photographer’s portfolio, they display their best photos to encourage others to book them, and while these photos might look great with other people in them, how will they look with you as the focal point? Every photographer will have engaging and eye-catching photos on all of their social media handles, but the importance behind researching your photographer goes beyond what everyone sees posted online.

Ideally, you want to select a photographer whog is distinguished in their field, experienced in their work, and creative in their approach.

Your senior portrait session is important to you, and if you select the right photographer, that photographer will understand this, so they will know how to compose their photos with you in it, show you off in the most complimenting lighting, and make you look your absolute best.

You would want the best wedding photographer, and this senior portrait session is no different. Don’t even consider having a family friend capture your photos on a mobile device. You will want the highest in professional quality.

Which season is best to shoot in?

This is completely open to your own taste and personal preference. If you love the bright, sunny days of summer and the beautiful sunsets that occur often, or if you really love the tone your skin takes on during these warmer months, this is your season.

If water sports is your thing, summer is also a great time for those kinds of photos.

The leaves turn a crisp, gorgeous multitude of colors, and this changing of seasons proves to be one of the most popular of the year for family portraits, so make sure that you book your photographer early enough that you have your date locked in. Winter gives off more neutral tones and colder images, so if that is a style of photography you enjoy, then booking during this month will be something you will want to do. In addition, a photoshoot during the winter will give you something to look forward to amidst a slower time of year. If you wait until last minute, spring will be your final chance. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing because occasional showers make for interesting photo opportunities and also allow you to show off rain boots, raincoats, or even that colorful umbrella you never thought you would be able to have your picture taken with.

Whichever season you go with, as long as you pick a good photographer, they will know how to adapt to any of these seasons and produce the best photos imaginable.

What separates you from every other senior?

Find what it is that makes you unique. Whether it’s your personality, your hobbies, your specific skill set, or even your taste in fashion, exemplify these things during your senior portrait session and showcase your passion, drive, and pursuit of success. Each senior wants his or her photos to be both one-of-a-kind and wonderful.

Again, when you pick a great photographer, they will know exactly how to bring out these amazing qualities that make you truly unlike any other, and that is exactly how your senior portraits will be produced.

This will be an unforgettable experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, so take full advantage of it, take it serious, but have fun with it at the same time and you will fall in love with the outcome!

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